Ironic (slightly)

A monthly newspaper Bonne Nouvelle ('Good News'), published by a branch of the Swiss Protestant church, dropped into my mailbox this morning.

I was idly thumbing through it and there, on the middle pages, I saw one of my photos ...

... bought from an agency in Canada.

It's of a pretty little church, nestling in the vineyards above the nearby village of Luins.

Why was I surprised?

Because, for the most part, when you sell photos through an agency you never know where they are used. The agency tells you each time an image is sold, but not where. So, it's pure chance if you (or a fellow photographer - people look out for each other's work) come across one.

It's always satisfying when this happens. Whilst flying to London last Christmas, I found another of my images had been used by the in-flight magazine.

But this occasion was ever so slightly ironic. One of my photos in a religious newspaper ... and here's me, a devout atheist.

So why was I reading the newspaper in the first place?

I wasn't reading it. I was looking at the piccies.

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