Moving day

The PhotoZone here on Blogger is going into hibernation - permanently.

It won't vanish. I can't find any way of making it do that. But I will be posting no more here.

The posts I have made will continue to hang about in cyberspace until Google gets fed up with them and erases the lot.

But, don't despair. PhotoZone still lives.

I am moving the blog to a new and more sophisticated web server. PhotoZone has had a complete facelift and is now up and running at:

Why not pop over and check it out? Let me know what you think. There are some completely new posts there, but I have also transferred the first two 'Great Photographs' posts in their entirety as I intend to continue posting examples, and commenting on them, on the new site. I would like the 'archive' to be complete.

A big thank you to all who have been faithfully following me here, and an extra thank you for all the great comments you have made. I hope to see you over on the new, improved PhotoZone.
Come on over. You'll be very welcome.

April Fool!

This has got to be the Mother of all April Foolings ... a report on the spaghetti harvest in the Swiss Ticino (the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland) shown on BBC Television's current affairs programme 'Panorama' on April 1st 1957.

It fooled a lot of people - myself included (mind you, I was only 11 at the time).

Don't you love the plummy voice of Richard Dimbleby, prominent political commentator of his day?

There are more details about this beautiful joke, and how it was created, on the Museum of Hoaxes website. Amazingly, it was all done on a budget of £100.