Those were the days.

The world’s going faster and faster.

Is your computer taking more than 30 seconds to boot up? And what are you doing? Drumming the table in exasperation?

If you send someone an e-mail and they haven’t replied in 24 hours, what do you think? Do you wonder if they’re still with us?

And just try pootling along any road at the legal speed limit. Within minutes you have someone behind you, all flashing lights and trying to drive up your exhaust pipe.

Oh for the good old days, when the pace of life was slower.

Okay. Okay. Am I just being old-fogeyish and rosy-tinted here? Wasn’t it just as pressured for time in those so-called 'good old days'?

No. And here’s the proof ...

It’s a photograph of a road sign from the 1930s - a weight restriction on a bridge over a railway line in the UK.

Now that requires pause for thought ... doesn’t it? And deciphering.

P.S. To get this sign to shine out, given the angle of the light and the dark background (look at the trees and their shadows) I used a fair degree of fill-in flash.

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