The vanishing hand, and other tales

I'm a great believer in 'getting it right in the camera'.

You can make a lot of changes to your images using Photoshop, or similar programs. Some of those changes can be dramatic. But there's no substitute for getting it as good as you can when you press the shutter button.

Unfortunately certain things are unavoidable ... like some joker pulling the old 'V' sign caper when you're photographing a group.

Not long ago I was doing just this, using the self-timer so as to include myself. I put my camera on a tripod, posed everyone and got them to smile sweetly. Then I pressed the button, rushed to my place and ...

Yawn. That trick is so old. (N.B. To protect reputations the perpetrator is not in the picture.)

A well ... out with the trusty old Photoshop clone tool ...

Not perfect, I know, but at the resolution the photograph was going to be viewed at, it would pass muster.

But, be a wee bit careful if you are making dramatic changes with Photoshop. This breakfast cereal may help you lose weight, but what else does it to to you?

And who created this extraordinary picture? M.C. Escher?

(More Photoshop disasters here.)


Mighty Mom said...

Great job on WRS this morning, Alistair! I'll do my best to make it to the event in Lausanne. Make sure you plug it on the blog!

Alistair Scott said...

My 15 seconds of fame ... complete with barking dog. :-)