To travel hopefully ...

How about this as an innovative project?

For her finals, UK art student Hannah Hughes wanted to get as many people as she could to take a photograph of the sky at exactly the same time, on exactly the same day, from wherever they were the world. The photos she received would then be published in a book.

Amazingly simple in concept, this is just the sort of thing the internet can do so well. So she posted her request on Facebook, (amongst other places).

I saw it and thought, "Why not?" All I'd have to do would be to go outside at the time Hanna had set - 3pm - point my camera upwards and press the button.

No framing. No composition. Just 'snap!'

The trouble was, at 3pm in Gland, Switzerland, the sky was covered from horizon to horizon by featureless grey stratus cloud. Not a break or ripple in sight. No sign of the sun. No blue. No anything. It's the sort of cloud cover that we can get for days on end down here in the valley of Lac LĂ©man.

"Ah well," I thought. "Too bad. You're going to get a completely blank image from me, Hanna. But you asked for it."

I pointed my camera upwards and ...

Amazing! This was taken at 27 seconds past the hour and at that instant I caught three old and much-loved African friends in my photograph of the sky - a Black Kite and two Barn Swallows.

Sometimes, when you travel hopefully, you arrive at a place you were not expecting.

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