Moving day

The PhotoZone here on Blogger is going into hibernation - permanently.

It won't vanish. I can't find any way of making it do that. But I will be posting no more here.

The posts I have made will continue to hang about in cyberspace until Google gets fed up with them and erases the lot.

But, don't despair. PhotoZone still lives.

I am moving the blog to a new and more sophisticated web server. PhotoZone has had a complete facelift and is now up and running at:

Why not pop over and check it out? Let me know what you think. There are some completely new posts there, but I have also transferred the first two 'Great Photographs' posts in their entirety as I intend to continue posting examples, and commenting on them, on the new site. I would like the 'archive' to be complete.

A big thank you to all who have been faithfully following me here, and an extra thank you for all the great comments you have made. I hope to see you over on the new, improved PhotoZone.
Come on over. You'll be very welcome.

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