Regular readers will know that, from time to time, I bang on about over-zealous police and security guards who seem think anyone taking photographs could be a terrorist planning an attack, even a 16-year old boy in school uniform, doing a school project.

Well, you'll be interested to know that the security services aren't always on the ball ...

Here's what the photographer writes ...

Today in BOS (Logan International Airport, in Boston), I arrived to find a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) agent sound asleep in a Spirit Airlines wheelchair, on the outside of security. After mentioning it to a ticket agent, she stated that he had been there for almost two hours. So I go back, and take a few pictures of it, one of which is great. There is nothing in the pictures that is security related at all, it is just him in the wheelchair against a wall.

A co-worker of his came over, woke him up, and told him that someone had just taken his picture. He asked who it was and I responded that it was me. He told me that the picture better be deleted, to which I responded that not only is it not going to be deleted, it is going to be copied, a few million times over. Next, he makes some slang remarks, and walks over to his co-workers that are at the security checkpoint.

I see them looking over, pointing, those kind of things. Eventually, the manager comes over and inquires about the picture. I told him that I had it. He leans into me and in a strong tone says, 'I hope you do the right thing with that picture, and we won't have anything to worry about'. My response was that I will do the right thing, and those involved should be very worried.

Fifteen minutes or so pass, I go through security to go to work, and am immediately intercepted by the manager already mentioned, and two people in suits. Only one person spoke to me, one of the suits. She asked about the picture, I confirmed it. She tells me that the individual has been reprimanded, and then inquires as to what I am going to do with the picture. I told her that I will do anything I want, it is my picture. She asks why I am getting hostile (which I was not). My last statement to her was that unless I am being detained, I have a job to do, and you can find me on flight #xxxx, and then I walked off. They did not come to the aircraft.

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