A little story.

A prominent photographer was invited to an exclusive dinner party in New York.

As he entered his hostess’s apartment she took him by the hand and whispered, "So good of you to come. I do so love your photographs. They're breathtaking. You must have a fantastic camera.”

The photographer acknowledged her greeting, but did not respond to the compliment.

However, as he was departing, he took his hostess by the hand, gazed into her eyes and said, “Thank you for a wonderful dinner. It was delicious. You must have an amazing stove.”

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Ghinch said...

Imagine the look on the faces of IBM Europe's top management when I turned up with famous New York photographer Duane Michels who had everything he needed in an old duty-free plastic bag. One old battered Nikon body, 35 and 50 mm lenses and four rolls of Ilford B/W film.