I'm stuck at home ...

... with a broken leg, darn it.

But I still managed to produce some images for World Pinhole Day.

With its soft, ethereal feel, gigantic depth of field, wide angle of view and massive exposure times, the pinhole technique is well-suited to subjects such as landscapes, deserted places, misty woodlands and the like.

There can be an eerie, dislocated feel to pinhole photographs. If people appear at all they are either ghostly waifs, or they have to stand very still for the length of the exposure. Clouds and moving leaves melt into each other. Water becomes soft and dreamy.

Check some of the marvellous images that are now being posted in the World Pinhole Day 2009 gallery.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at home with a broken leg. No chance of setting off into the countryside to find a suitable scene. I am somewhat immobile.

Even so, there are still opportunities. Some just a bit odd ...

And others eerie ...

Even though World Pinhole Day is over, you can still experiment with the technique. Here's how I made my pinhole camera at almost no cost at all.

Why not give it a go?


Mighty Mom said...

Poor you! What happened? Want another creepy shot? Take a picture of your leg after the cast comes off.

Alistair Scott said...

Thanks Mighty. I broke it in a skiing accident at the beginning of April.

Yes, I've heard that limbs look a wee bit creepy when plaster casts come off. Looking forward to it - not the creepy bit, but getting this d**ned thing off my leg.