Who needs a lens?

Or even a camera?

World Pinhole Photography Day is fast approaching, and all over the world photographers are eagerly preparing their equipment in readiness.

Last year I tried using a beer can fixed to my digital camera body. It turned out to be a bit of a disaster as it was a strong telephoto lens but, with so little light coming through the pinhole, I couldn't see what the camera was pointing at. And, when I did take a photograph I had horrendous problems with internal reflections from the silvered inside of the can.

Did someone get inspiration from me?
(Copyright paradefotos)

I hope so.

Or maybe we were just thinking in parallel. Almost anything can be used to make a lens.

And anything can be used to make a camera ...

(Copyright CK)

... or should I say a Spamera?

By comparison, my equipment efforts are tame this year. Here's how made my pinhole camera for next Sunday.

Why don't you take part too?


Mighty Mom said...

Spamera!!! GROAN!!! (Good one!)

Alistair Scott said...

Not my pun. Came with the picture.

And I did wonder about posting it.

Thought my readers might beef ... too corny.