Sign of the times

Today I spotted this scene in a Lausanne industrial area ...

Okay - just an old factory being knocked down.

But I still found it a bit sad.

Rolls and rolls and rolls of my film have been processed in that building, back in the days when Kodachrome was the name of the game.


CBrown said...

Stark in its simplicity and symbolism. Sad to me too, although I am really glad to have digital photography. Don't mind wasting a shot when I don't have to shell out $12 a roll for processing!
My Dad was a professional photographer for decades and spoke frequently of the attributes of various films, leaning toward Fuji film finally, before he switched to digital.

Alistair Scott said...

Agreed, digital photography has huge advantages - no storage problems with dust and hairs and fingerprints sneaking in from nowhere, no fading of images to a tasteful shade of purple, much easier filing and retrieval.

And, as you say, Kodachrome had had its day anyway. All the pros were using Fuji Velvia in the last years.