Wow! Am I chuffed.

I've just come across a wonderful review of The Greatest Photography Tips in the World - from Jacqui Marie Photography, a professional in the UK.

Jacqui-Marie says such nice things that I'm going to reproduce her review in its entirety ...

"This little book punches so much above its weight. It is a little A5-sized hardback and is less than 200 pages, but Alistair Scott is so economic with his words every page is packed with vital tips.

When I first saw the book I thought it was just another how-to-do-everything book for the person who has just gone out and bought themselves an expensive camera, but this is so much more.

At first I thought the title might have over-sold it, but these tips really are top-notch. The page that sold it for me was the one that told you to include a "heartbeat" in every shot when possible. By that Alistair means a human or an animal - whatever the size. To illustrate the point he has two identical shots of a great landscape, one with a tiny silhouetted man and one without. The one with was so much more powerful.

Understand why more mega-pixels isn't the whole story. Get great tips on composition, landscapes, portraits, sports, looking after your kit and making money from your photography.

Enjoy! This is a great little book for all levels. There's top stuff in here."

And these are words from a professional photographer too. I'm chuffed to bits.


Ralf said...

I just bought a photography journal with 50 great tips such as "use jpg format, because raw needs more memory and is rarely useful" ...
Well, I don't mean to say it's easy to beat other writer's nonsense. But I'm not surprised about this reviewer's review of your book, simply because you mention many details that aren't found anywhere else. And not much nonsense, as far as I can tell ;)

Alistair Scott said...

"... use jpg format, because raw needs more memory and is rarely useful ..."


My jaw drops in astonishment. What sort of advice is that?

With 16GB ... even 32GB ... flash cards available now, memory is no problem.

And the JPEG format has nothing like RAW's quality and flexibility.

There's the subject for my next post. Thanks Ralf.

Mighty Mom said...

Great review, Alistair! You deserve it.

Alistair Scott said...

Thanks Mighty Mom