An example of how a photographer often has to work at it to get the desired image ...

I've just got back from the Geneva Writers' Conference (yes ... I write as well as take photos) where I was talking to another writer/photographer.

She was writing a report on the Conference for a UK magazine and, to illustrate the report, she wanted an image of someone reading that particular magazine in Geneva. (Freelance writers take note - a relevant image or two makes an article a whole lot more interesting to editors.)

Trouble is, if she'd just gone outside with someone and snapped a photo, it would probably look like anywhere in the world. To say "in Geneva" in an image, you need to include some sort of icon. What better icon than the famous Jet d'Eau.

If this woman had a copy of the magazine in her hands, so it could be seen, would that put across the message?

But, to get something like that, my writing friend will have to make a trip to the fountain, or somewhere else unmistakably 'Genevan', on a fine sunny day, with a model.

Incidentally, to increase the dramatic impact of this image I used a wide-angle lens, low viewpoint and a polarising filter to darken the sky.

That's a little bit more than 'pushing the button'.

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