Yellow lorry in the sky

Sounds like a line from a Beatles song, doesn't it? Or does that date me?

This morning early, I had an equivalent of the yellow lorry ... but overhead.

For well over a week now the sky has been clear and blue. Every single night the stars have twinkled like diamonds scattered carelessly across a black velvet ...

... yeah, well, enough of that lyrical rubbish.

Bottom line - I got up at 2am for the eclipse of the moon and it weren't there. Clouds, great thick grey banks of them, rolled overhead.

Some people had stunning views however.

Mohammad Taher Pilevar captured this beautiful image in Hamedan, Iran:

And I'll bet it didn't come about by accident. Mohammad obviously worked at this one, selecting a spot where the mountains would be dimly illuminated by the rising sun, just as the moon set behind them. Just imagine how much less interesting this photo would be if the mountains were black silhouettes, with no detail in them.

Truly a 'made' photograph. Congratulations.

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