The Tripod Terr'ists

The War on Terror continues in Britain with British bobbies on the ball.

In January well-known travel photographer Jane Sweeney was Stopped and Searched, apparently for using a tripod in the vicinity of the London Eye.

In Jane's words, "I set up my tripod by the London Eye and began taking photos of the Houses of Parliament, just like many other people that evening."

"Within minutes the police turned up to issue me with a Stop and Search order under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. They told me they'd been watching me on CCTV, and wrote down all my personal details - including my height, colour of my hair, clothes and shoes, etc. I was told I may face further investigation."

"None of the other people taking photos (or video footage) were given the same treatment - just me. It's worth knowing that if you dare to use a tripod you're now a terror suspect."

Bravo British bobbies!

It's a well-known fact in security circles that Terr'ists can be identified by their use of camera equipment on sizeable, unwieldy, conspicuous tripods.

The Terr'ists want to get an image of their target, pin-sharp in every last detail, before they try to blow it up.


If, unfortunately, you are mistaken for a Terr'ist in the UK (and it does sometimes happen I'm afraid) you can get free legal advice from Liberty (0845 123 2307, website ) or, if you feel you have been treated badly, you can lodge a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (0845 300 2002, website )

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Melissa said...

Goodness! If they didn't have anything else to do... They should really be checking out Luca's father.
(See my post, He Has a What? on my blog for the full details!)