I've got a new lens!

I've no idea what its focal length is. Nor do I know its aperture, though it's pretty small. And it won't win any prizes for elegance either ...

No, this is not an April Fool. It is a real lens and it will take photos. I am making a pinhole camera for World Pinhole Photography Day on April 27th.

The beer can is attached to the camera body by means of an old lens mount I have (though I could also have used the plastic cap that sealed the camera body when I bought it) and is held in place with a length of electrical insulating tape. Then there is a minute pinhole at the far end. That's all there is to it.

I'm going to have to experiment with the size of the hole, and the length of the lens. I'll post some of the results when I have them.

In the meantime, why don't you participate in World Pinhole day too? Full details here.

And remember what I wrote back in February? It's not your equipment that's important. It's the eye behind the lens.

Go for it!

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Alistair Scott said...

In the end I gave up on the Heineken lens. It turned out to be a telephoto. I suppose could have worked that out if I'd thought about it, but I didn't.

Anyway, it was difficult to see what the lens was pointing at (the viewfinder was completely black).

So I removed the can from the lens mount and used some duct tape and aluminium foil instead. That turned out to be a wide-angle and gave much better results.

You can see the resulting contribution here (top right).