Background material

Back in October, when they were harvesting the grapes around here, I went to a wine festival in a local village.

It was a small-scale affair - mostly the local villagers and a few motorists who'd stopped to see what was going on. There was a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. The village kids were trying to press the newly-picked grapes in an old-style hand-operated press, struggling to turn the massive handle (which they could only just reach with outstretched arms) and there was copious quantities of fresh-pressed grape juice and last year's wine to drink.

Then a hush fell on the crowd and the Mayor got up on a wooden crate to deliver an address through the village megaphone ...

I took a few photographs for 'insurance' purposes (in case he gave a very short speech and stopped), but I could see the background was a little distracting.

So, as he continued speaking I took just a couple of steps to one side ...

What a difference a couple of steps makes!

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