So, what'cha do ...

... over the weekend?

Did anyone pick up on my suggestion of taking photos of a familiar subject from a new viewpoint?

Would you care to share the results with the rest of us?

I tried it out for myself.

I got down on the floor with Jess ... no, new readers, don't get too excited. She's my dog ... a bowl of goodies and a wide angle lens.

Getting really, really close produced mildly bizarre results with a whole new perspective.

Cruelty to dogs, making them look weird?


Though Jess did get a bit fed up, she also got well fed up, if you get my drift. Dog biscuits and cheese. She was amply rewarded for her modelling. And she did give the front element of my lens a hard time. Several times I had to stop the session and wipe a noseprint off the glass.

But it was worth it. Though I only took the pictures on Saturday, several of them have been put online by Shutterstock and this one ...

... has already sold a few times in its first day.


Anonymous said...


How did you get the catch light in your dog's eyes?


Alistair Scott said...

I used two flash units fitted with softboxes (to diffuse the light). There was one on either side of her, one set to a higher output than the other.

greenygrey said...

Super photo and dog!

Alistair Scott said...

Thanks for that comment. And, yes, she is a lovely dog. The best I've ever had.