Poetry in motion

Can you handle it?

Catherine Nelson-Pollard has sent me details of a photographic event to be held in the Geneva region this coming October.

It's called Les Rencontres Photographiques du Genevois which, loosely translated, means 'Genevan Photographic Encounters'. The object is, '... to encourage exchange between the various artistic currents in the world of photography today'. (Again, loosely translated - the website is all in French.)

There will be an open exhibition with the theme 'In Movement' (closing date for submissions 17th June) a photographic market, workshops and conferences.

Full details here.

I'm off to Australia tomorrow. That should give plenty of scope for 'movement' photos. I'm going to put together a portfolio for submission. Thanks for the information Catherine.

Anyone else game?


Anonymous said...

Not sure what I am focussing on this year ... in every way .. and I am stuck between really working my little pocket digital or splashing out. All this to say. I will probably be at the exhibitions you tell us about with pleasure.
hope to add a photo some time soon

Alistair Scott said...

Thanks Deborah, enjoy the exhibitions ... maybe even enter them.