I'm off!

Okay folks ... I'm off to Australia in a couple of hours. I'll be heading down south about as far as you can go on that continent, to Hobart in Tasmania, and then a bit further south. But not as far as the Antarctic, unfortunately.

I'll be spending a couple of weeks touring around Tasmania in a camper van ... and taking in a family wedding ... so there should be masses of opportunity for photography. I've bought myself a little 80GB portable drive, that fits in my pocket, to store all those images on as I expect to make a lot.

This means that I probably won't be able to post very frequently. I'll try to make internet connections as and when I can, but I don't know what they're like in that part of the world.

I'll be back on the 1st April with lots of images and experiences to share.

Have a great Easter and thanks for being with me this far.


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