Off topic.

But I make no apologies for it.

Having lived in neighbouring Zambia all through the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe war, and having had an occasional, minor, first-hand experience of that war, I'm appalled by what's happening in Zimbabwe now.

This Friday, 18 April, marks the 18th anniversary of Independence. We've all read the papers and know the story. But one single statistic says it all:

Life expectancy for men is 37, for women is 34 years.

Mugabe isn't going to listen to anything we say. But he might listen to one person - Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa. And Thabo Mbeki may be more receptive to public opinion.

An on-line petition here, addressed to him personally, has already been signed by over 130'000 people. I know it's not much, but it's something.

Please add your name to the petition. Please help show the people of Zimbabwe that the world is with them.


davethedude said...

I've signed the petition. The trouble is Mbeki thinks black South Africa owes Mugabe for support during the apartheid years, and will not listen to any appeals from the West. One encouraging sign is that other members of the ANC are becoming restive. If Mbeki doesn't soon move on the Mugabe issue he could find his own position threatened.

Alistair Scott said...

Thanks Dave.

I know, it's a complicated issue (they always are). But every little helps.