They must be reading my blog.

I'm honoured (sort of). The Swiss supermarket chain, Coop, must be reading my blog.

Remember my challenge last month - Stuck for ideas? I challenged you to take a familiar subject from a completely new viewpoint.

Well, this month the Swiss Coop is running a photo competition with precisely that theme ... Angles Insolites is the theme (translates as 'Unusual angles').

First prize is a neat little 10 megapixel Sony camera, with several other cameras as runner-up prizes.

No entry fee. A challenge. Sounds great!

Just be aware of one of the conditions of entry ...

Les participants s'engagent à accepter que Coop jouisse d'un droit d'utilisation et de valorisation illimité sur les photos transmises s'ils remportent le concours. Coop peut ainsi disposer librement des photos des lauréats sans que ceux-ci ne puissent prétendre à une compensation supplémentaire.

What this says (if my understanding is correct) is that the Coop takes all rights to prizewinning photographs, for an unlimited time, without any further compensation due to the photographer.

Fair enough. You get paid for your photograph in cameras, so to speak.

This is better than some other photo competitions that take all rights to all entries, whether they win or not. They're to be avoided like the plague. You enter your best photograph (which could be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with an agency), it doesn't win, but the company can still use it as and how they wish. What a rip-off.

Anyway, if you've been inspired by my blog, have taken some unusual images and want to enter, the entry details can be found here - in French. Closing date is 2 May.

Good luck. And I'd be interested to hear if anyone tries their hand at it.

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