My contribution to road safety

So, there I was, standing beside the main road between Geneva and Lausanne, trying to capture an image illustrating the technique of panning. I needed one for a little photography book I've written (due out later this year).

The technique is useful for fast-moving subjects, creating blur to enhance the impression of speed. The way to do it is to choose a slow shutter speed - no more than 1/125 sec - and swing around, following your subject, firing the shutter as you do so.

Get it wrong and everything's a blur. Get it right and your subject will be clear, but with strategic parts (e.g. the wheels, the background) blurred.

In order to increase my chances of getting it right I'd mounted my camera on a tripod.

And so many motorists slowed down as they passed.

I wonder why?

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Alistair Scott said...

P.S. One criticism I have of this image is that the car is too central. I should have caught it at the left-hand side, driving into the picture. Ah well ... back to the roadside.